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How to Choose Color for Your Website

Advancing Your Entrepreneurial Venture


Senior entrepreneurs have a lot of life advantages when it comes to launching a new business venture. In addition to prior professional experience, chances are you’ve built a comprehensive list of contacts from which to network, and you likely have the market cornered when it comes to strategizing and providing high-quality customer service. Michele Smith Consulting is a resource for web design and e-commerce platform development - both critical elements of an entrepreneurial marketing strategy.


Create A Marketing Plan


Most small business owners have the ability to develop a simple yet effective marketing plan without needing to hire a pricey advertising agency. You can use templates from business organizations like SCORE, which advises making market research part of your comprehensive strategy. This involves identifying who your customer base is, differentiating yourself from your competition, and looking for ways to stand out in a sometimes crowded marketplace. The marketing plan should identify promotional vehicles, outline an advertising budget, and where necessary, identify experts you may want to hire in a consulting capacity. Website designers and social media managers can go a long way in helping you successfully establish your brand.


Develop Marketing Collateral


Marketing collateral includes things like brochures, fliers, business cards, catalogues, and product and service one-pagers. According to All Business, you’ll want to think about how you’ll use the materials before creating and printing them. You can find free online templates for creating many of these products, and if you struggle with content creation, a freelance advertising copywriter can help you out. In addition to printed materials, you should also have downloadable and printable PDFs available on your website, and as email attachments, in the event a customer or client requests something be sent directly to them.


Implement Your Strategy


Once you have marketing avenues established, it’s time to start utilizing them to the fullest. Having a regular presence on social media can help you reach and interact with customers in a number of ways. Regular posts and photos allow you to advertise products, promote sales, and raise awareness of events like open houses or community support initiatives. At minimum, you’ll want to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In fact, you can easily create attention-grabbing posts using an Instagram post generator like Adobe Spark Post. All you have to do is select a template, upload your photos, and customize your messaging, fonts, and colors to be reflective of your brand and messaging.


Start To Network


In many business circles, it’s all about who you know. According to Mighty Call, this is the time to tap into your carefully cultivated networks and call in favors from friends, family, colleagues, and business associates. Give out free samples and ask for reviews and testimonials; ask for referrals to potential clients, and for access to email marketing lists; look for ways to collaborate with ancillary businesses to double up your outreach and marketing power; and tap into business and industry associations to give you opportunities to attend mixers, social events, and workshops aimed at small business owners. The more you can expand your reach, the greater your potential for success.


Revisit Your Marketing Strategy


Much like a business plan, a marketing plan is not a “one and done” creation. Consider it a living document that helps direct your promotional activities, and regularly revisit it to judge its effectiveness. Website analytics, customer surveys, and even asking consumers how they heard about you can help you track how well your marketing efforts are producing. You may need to make tweaks along the way, whether that’s to reach a different demographic, expand your reach, or change your messaging.


Starting a business as a mature professional offers a number of advantages. In addition to being savvy about cultivating a client base, you also have experience with people, products, and market trends. Use them all to your advantage!


Michele Smith Consulting offers superior professional web design services, including social marketing tools, interactive contact forms, document management, and email broadcasting. Reach out today via phone or email for a consultation.