Should You Utilize MailChimp as Your Email Marketing Platform?

Updated: May 17

In the recent past, we have strongly recommended small business owners who are selling products or services to utilize MailChimp to broadcast email messages and landing pages. We recommended MailChimp because not only do we utilize it, if you have a list of 500 customers (names & emails or just emails), you can send out one email for free four times a month with MailChimp & it has a great analytics platform! Meaning, you can see who all opened your email and so forth. These metrics are very useful for all kinds of things HOWEVER............

A conservative vendor (accounting firm) recently approached us about broadcasting emails for a political interest group in Indiana. We initially recommended MailChimp as per usual, and were completely shocked when we stumbled upon the following article, which appears to showcase MailChimp's current policy on free speech:

Then, I performed more research and came across this article which specifically recommends four (4) alternatives to MailChimp: for individuals, non-profits, and political interest groups.