Receiving Technical Support with Google During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated: May 17

Recently, I have had the opportunity to work with customers who would like to get in touch with Google regarding their free business listing (Google My Business) or their Google GSuite email (recently renamed Workspaces). As it is impossible to directly telephone Google technical support for Google My Business or GSuite email (Workspace), it becomes more critical to know exactly what to do to rectify a problem in the current business environment.

Google My Business (GMB) To get in touch with technical support at Google regarding Google My Business (GMB), sign in to your account when visiting this link:

Once signed in, to chat, email, or telephone Google My Business regarding a technical issue or to contact technical support, find the support menu item at the left bottom of the screen/menu featured below pictured below:

Then review the questions at right to see if any of the questions fit your needs. If you are not able to identify your issue by working on the menu pictured at the right on the screenshot, continue reading for a helpful link.

Google GSuite (Workspace)

To login to your Google Email account, go to:

Once you are there, login with your aliased email, i.e.,

(utilize your passcode)

Once logged in, or if you cannot login to get technical support. click on this link:

Fill out the form as best you can, and attach screenshots. This is a sure method to being able to access help at Google, with both email (GSuite/Workspace) and Google My Business (GMB). Please be aware Google will provide email as the most frequent option, sometimes chat, and also sometimes will telephone you directly.

We have found it normally takes 72 hours to resolve a technical issue, such as restoring email, recovering passwords, and sign in problems.

If you need help with navigating Google email and Google My Business issues, feel free to contact us at Michele Smith Consulting, D/B/A Phoenix Marketing Solutions LLC via email: or by telephone. Please call or SMS text us at: 812-821-0335. All My Best, Michele Smith

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