Forcing a Google Electronic Robot to Visit Your Web Site When You Have Updated Web Site Content

Updated: May 17

In the past thirty days, we've had the privilege of helping out small business customers with the task of moving their web site from one platform to another. Perhaps your small business needs a web site overall, too! One problem we routinely encounter when updating web sites or creating/deleting/modifying content is removing dead links from old web sites listed or stored in a given search engine such as Google. Dead links are encountered every time a developer creates a new site and essentially overwrites the old site and are displayed in search engine results. These dead links form 404 errors, making prospects assume the small business may not be reputable. To avoid this perception whenever new web site content is created, we "force" the major search engine to literally visit the web site through a crawler or electronic robot shortly after the web site content is promoted to the publically facing webserver. This activity ensures web site content is continuously updated and appropriately indexed